Wishing you a blessed Ramadan


SMA Bakes is a freshcream cheeckcake trendsetter! Have you tried the famous Ras Malai cheesecake yet? Not to mention all the other flavours you must take a look at! 

It all started from one curious thought to another. The love of combining amazing flavours and wanting my imagination to become a delicacy. 

My well known Ras Malai cheesecake is actually inspired by an exotic festive dessert. Its origin is from the Indian subcontinent. 

Through years of patience and determination I have managed to infuse the mouth watering flavours from the east with a timeless classic from the west. 

It was then that The Ras Malai cheesecake was born! 

Since then each cake has continued to be lovingly hand crafted and made just for you to taste and share if you can!